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Child of War

Half Asian/Half American. Runaway orphan taken in by Village elder. Schooled in academics and the fighting arts. Given the name Ki by his teacher.

Ki’s academic and martial arts skill become well established throughout the region. Ki’s meeting with the American, seeking his lost brother, jumps the stories action to another level. Their mission to find this lost sibling takes them throughout Southeast Asia.

A hair-raising adventure just keeps getting hotter.


Child of War ll

A story about a runaway orphan, nearing the end of the Vietnam conflict. Half Vietnamese / Half American. Taken in, and raised by a village elder. Taught the academics and fighting arts. Following his life through childhood, into early adulthood. Meets American, searching for his brother who never returned home. Mission takes him through Southeast Asia, where he encounters a mountain of action and adventure.

Into book two, where he is brought to America by his American friend, Charlie Zeto is now the head of a newly formed branch of the government. Their main function is to stop, and eliminate any terrorist threat to the United States. Here, the story of Ki continues, with his mission in Central America. Loaded with fascinating characters, in a plot to rid Honduras of an evil sociopathic crime and drug lord.

Book one, and book two, cover the young Amerasian’s adventures to great heights. This author wrote these books, because it’s a story that he’d like to read. It’s a movie waiting to happen, and a movie that I would want to view. I loved the movies of the late forties / early fifties. This would be like one of those movies.